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The Midwest Book Review of The Choices: A Treasure Hunt Thriller


Review by D. Donovan


Thriller readers will enjoy a blend of high-octane action set against the backdrop of a treasure hunt that leads Gary Levin, wife Sharon, and other characters through the dangerous threats of hate groups and international affairs in The Choices.


More so than most genre reads, Alan L. Moss cultivates the ability to craft a suspense story that comes with its own special blend of atmosphere and intrigue that rest as much upon psychological undercurrents as it does upon action.


Moss takes the time to outline evolving relationships, connections between action and choices, and a treasure hunt that not only tests legal standards, but challenges the expectations of those involved in an expedition that turns deadly.


From code breaking and unexpected deaths that prove to have nefarious sources to the influence of a dangerous business that includes Adrienne's revenge on a man who took her love away, grad student Mia finds that her innovative idea to retrieve a diamond treasure has led her into the world of powerful, dangerous men who operate on both sides of the law.


As Gary's past returns to haunt him over his choices in unexpected ways and other characters confront their own changing worlds, Moss crafts a story of moral and ethical conundrums that provides a more complicated backdrop than most genre reads.


This story demands of its readers an ability to navigate a range of special circumstances and changing intentions. A synagogue shooting leads Gary on a dark hunt that drives him to enter a dangerous world to investigate a seductively dangerous operation.


Just when you think you know where the story is heading, it changes yet again. The myriad of characters, special influences, conflicting choices, and blend of intrigue and ethical problems keeps The Choices thought-provoking on a level that goes beyond an adventure and action saga alone.


Readers are challenged to consider a range of issues. These include domestic terrorism and personal motivations for gain to relics, rewards, and a hunt that reveals as much about the soul as it does about the pursuit of happiness, love, or justice.


The Choices is a multifaceted read that is a delight to pursue. Just when you think you know its intentions and purposes, everything changes yet again. While this atmosphere may stymie those who want action alone, it's the perfect formula for attracting an audience that appreciates higher-level thinking and more engrossing situations than the usual thriller story provides.


The Choices is very highly recommended reading as a cut above most suspense stories. It focuses on the decisions and choices that change not only outcomes, but the hearts and minds of all involved.