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The Samoa Seduction is a story of lovers trapped by a conspiracy to gain millions through the black market sale of an untested but apparently successful stem-cell cure for diabetes.

Federal employee Michael Bloom travels to American Samoa to fight for higher minimum wages, unaware that his efforts could scuttle the conspiracy. Facing opposition at every turn, he becomes the object of romantic advances of Stephanie Palaie Moelai, beautiful Director of the Visitor's Information Bureau. When Michael becomes a threat to the conspiracy, Stephanie sells out, trading her love of Michael for her family's security. Michael is suddenly beset by a mysterious illness that almost costs him his life, leaving him disabled and unemployed.

Three years later, Michael is a fugitive from the law, fleeing to the South Pacific to find the men who wrecked his family and left him for dead. Stephanie, tortured by her feelings for the love of her life, and fearing an investigation into fraud, abuse, and murder associated with the Samoan minimum wage process, returns to the assumed safety of her family in American Samoa.

With untold riches at stake, the conspirators will stop at nothing to finally put Michael away.

Surviving The Endgame (E) 978-1-63355-600-3 (P) 978-1-63355-625-6

In the sequel to Insidious Deception, a presidential election becomes a deadly contest between international conspirators and those seeking their destruction. Rob, recently married, attempts to restart his life until a chilling knock on their apartment door begins a daring escape from professional killers.

A vicious, female CEO assumes leadership of the conspiracy. With the presidential candidate under her thumb in the lead, she will stop at nothing to see that he becomes the next U.S. President. Rob and his allies work to alter the course of the election while the CEO's paramour resists her dominance and threatens exposure.

According to Jack Magnus of Readers Favorite, "Surviving The Endgame is a 5-Star novel: A literate and entertaining action and adventure novel...a fast-paced and exciting read with a great cast of characters and a fabulous plot."

According to Diane Dixon of Midwest Book Review, "The story moves with the precision of a game of chess. Nothing is guaranteed -- not even the survival of favorite characters. Even the most seasoned thriller reader will find Surviving The Endgame filled with delightfully unexpected moments."

Insidious Deception (E) 978-1-61160-392-7 and (P) 978-1-61160-548-8) (Available March 2013)

The story begins as an American pre-med student working as a summer deckhand in Croatia is reunited with an Italian woman who spent her high school junior year in his parent's Wisconsin home. Free to express their long-simmering feelings for one another, he smuggles her aboard a luxury yacht for the overnight voyage from Pescara, Italy to Hvar, Croatia.

As they sleep in each others arms, explosions throw them out of bed and propel the vessel towards the bottom of the Adriatic Sea. The deckhand witnesses his lover's violent death and swears revenge on the rare earth conspirators responsible. He infiltrates the conspiracy by becoming apprentice to its leader, an oil company CEO, but is entangled in a compulsive sexual relationship with the CEO's daughter.

As the apprentice schemes to undermine the conspiracy, a brilliant university professor on Congressional fellowship advances a plan for Middle East peace. Unaware, he is being manipulated by the conspirators to launch the presidential aspirations of his Senator-mentor, a fellow conspirator. When a Paris peace conference is scheduled to establish a Middle East Union, an al Qaeda plot is hatched to disrupt the proceedings by destroying the Eiffel Tower.