Alan L. Moss

The Samoa Seduction E 97813611640031 P 9781942981299

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Selected Works

The Samoa Seduction is the story of two strong-willed individuals haunted by their love for one another while being manipulated by a deadly conspiracy.
Fiction-Political Thriller
A vicious CEO takes control of the conspiracy to corner the market for rare earth minerals. With their presidential candidate in the lead, the conspirators will stop at nothing to propel him into the world's most powerful office. Rob and his allies seek to influence the election while the CEO's paramour resists her dominance and threatens exposure.
Fiction-Political Thriller
An American pre-med student working as a summer deckhand postpones medical school to seek revenge for the loss of his lover while a brilliant college professor promotes an innovative strategy for Middle East peace, democracy, and prosperity. Both become entangled in conspiracies hatched by al Qaeda and a ruthless CEO.

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