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Reviewed by Tracy Slowiak for Readers' Favorite


In The Samoa Seduction by author Alan L. Moss, readers gain entry into the highly secretive world of the black market trade for a drug that, even though it is illegal and may be dangerous, many are desperate to get their hands on - a cure for juvenile diabetes. The story follows our protagonist, Michael Bloom, a government employee who goes to American Samoa to attempt to fight for higher minimum wages, but ends up as the romantic interest of one Stephanie Palaie Moelai, and right in the middle of the conspiracy trading the drug. From that point forward, Michael's life turns into a complete mess. He suffers from a mysterious illness, becomes a fugitive from the law, and has very few places to turn. With riches at stake, the illegal drug traders are unlikely to change tactics, and readers will have their hearts in their throats to find out if he and Stephanie will make it through this tumult alive.

I very much enjoyed The Samoa Seduction. Author Alan L. Moss has done a great job in creating an exciting roller coaster of an adventure; one that will keep readers turning the pages from start to finish. He is adept at creating characters that his readers will connect with, relate to, root for, and continue to think about long after the book is done. If that isn't a hallmark of a great author, I don't know what is. Any reader who loves a great, thrilling and adventure filled read should definitely pick up The Samoa Seduction. I recommend this book, and will also look forward to seeing what the talented author, Alan L. Moss, has in store for his readers next!